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Hunting with the bow is almost as old as mankind itself and in the modern World has re-emerged as a very sustainable activity and method of managing habitat. The modern sport has been a passionate activity throughout North America for many decades embodying the highest ethics and standards and a recent innovation in Europe  emerging in Portugal and Spain during the 1980's, in France during the 1990's and developed in Scandinavia and other countries during the latter part of this period.

With the help of North American Know-How in the sport the highest ethics and standards have been embedded into modern bow hunting in Europe and countries embracing the sport.

While other archery activities have held their own, the real growth has taken place in the arena of traditional archery. To face these needs Border has developed new technologies to improve the overall performance of traditional bows and have high performance longbows, one piece recurves, and the most extensive range of take-apart recurve bows both solid bolt-down and ILF attachment systems available today.